What is Wanchain?

Wanchain is a public blockchain which supports the development of smart contracts written in Solidity, ring signature based private transactions, as well as decentralized cross chain functionality. Wanchain's Storeman node system uniquely combines secure multiparty computation, atomic swaps, threshold secret sharing, and decentralized account management to implement a fully decentralized cross chain solution. Any developer can write smart contracts, develop a DAPP, or issue a fungible or non-fungible token on Wanchain. Through its cross chain features, it is possible for any blockchain's assets to be connected with and circulate on Wanchain. This includes assets from public, private, as well as consortium chains.


Wanchain's vision is to become the asset transport layer of the blockchain world, similar to the TCP transport layer of the Internet, only for assets based on distributed ledger technology. Currently, the only way to efficiently transfer value between isolated blockchains is either P2P or through the use of a trusted third party such as a centralized cryptocurrency exchange or OTC trading desk. Since the abolition of the reliance on trusted 3rd parties is one of the core goals of the blockchain revolution, it is clear that a solution must be implemented to do away with them. Wanchain aims to be that solution. As the asset transport layer of the blockchain world, Wanchain will allow for direct transfer of value between blockchains without the use of a trusted 3rd party. It will allow for the development of entirely decentralized and unstoppable cross chain cryptocurrency exchanges and applications.


Milestone Date Status
✓ Wanchain 1.0 January 2018 Complete
✓ Wanchain 2.0 July 2018 Complete
✓ Wanchain 3.0 December 2018 Complete
✓ Release Wanchain Proof of Stake (PoS) research paper Q1 2019 Complete
✓ Proof of Concept for PoS Q1 2019 Complete
✓ Next batch of ERC20 integrations released Q1 2019 Complete
⧖ Staking Pilot April-July Q2 2019 In Progress
⧖ Alpha testnet for Wanchain PoS Q2 2019 In Progress
⧗ Integration with new blockchain Q2 2019 Pending
⧗ Wallet improvement (UX/UI) Q2 2019 Pending
⧗ Next batch of ERC20 integrations release Q2 2019 Pending
⧗ Beta testnet for Wanchain PoS Q3 2019 Pending
⧗ Next batch of ERC20 integrations release Q3 2019 Pending
⧗ Mobile/light multi-asset wallet release Q3 2019 Pending
⧗ Proof of Stake goes live on mainnet Q4 2019 Pending
⧗ Integration with another new blockchain Q4 2019 Pending
⧗ Next batch of ERC20 integrations released Q4 2019 Pending
⧗ Wanchain 4.0 - Cross-chain Integration with Enterprise Blockchain Q4 2019 Pending

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